Think Kitchen is your new way of eating. On taking the decision to take the step into this simple way of eating you will finally get the results you have been after. The benefit of this plan is that restriction, willpower and dieting are not on the agenda. We will guide you gently into eating healthier and eating right. Think Kitchen will enable you to eat more while still getting results.

'Less isn’t more – More is less'!

What will I get?

This package will provide you with a bespoke eating guide designed around your needs. We will take into account your goals, any dietary requirements – likes & dislikes. We will calculate your macros so you will know the best way to eat. Whatever your goals – performance, weight loss, to look and feel better, to get stronger, Think Kitchen have it covered. This will be done by collecting data from you – a food diary, height, weight, measurements and body stats, activity level, occupation, daily habits, your food struggles. From this we can get an understanding of what will work for you and your life.

What you get will be a specifically designed, flexible ‘pick & mix’ style plan. Your food diary will be analysed so we can pick out habits and patterns you may have adopted and take these into account. You will be given a list of options to hit your intake of Carbs, Protein, Friendly Fats & Snacks. There will be a plan for training and rest days – perfect if you have an active lifestyle. You will be able to eat a balanced, fulfilling array of foods that will be personalised to your needs. You will never go hungry, never feel deprived.

You will also receive a standard package of top tips, advice on nutrition & portion sizes. Having a better understanding of how to fuel your body effectively will enable you to get the most from your new plan.

You will be invited to join a private online support group where there will be lots of food chat & healthy hacks. Think Kitchen will provide friendly motivation & advice but the TK community & peer to peer support will be an invaluable part of your new lifestyle.

Follow us on Instagram too @lovethinkkitchen it would be great for you to mention us in your healthy foodie successes, create stories & shout about the benefits of TK. We will be using Instagram as our main platform for great ideas & nutrition geekery!

As well as all of this you will also receive a Think Kitchen E-Cookbook. The recipes are all simple, quick & healthy. This will provide you with ideas of how you can be organised with food and inspire you to eat wisely.

This complete package will give you that simple, clear advice you have been looking for.

Healthy just got easier!

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We respect your data & privacy at all time, we only use the information we collect to aid in delivering the best Think Fit service to you. To read our full statement