Bikini Comp Prep Feb-March

I have 6 months left until the competition or as they say ‘I’m 6 months out’.

I have still been experimenting with my body up until this point. I have been lifting heavier, less reps, more squeeze, more reps, quicker, slower, eating more, eating less, adding cardio, avoiding cardio, training 5 days, training 6 days, eating a LOT of protein, eating a LOT of carbs, eating NO carbs…….

The long and the short of it is – there is an awful lot to learn and a huge amount of conflicting advice.

My plan – get a coach! Not an online plan or an online nutrition google search (there are millions) but a real-life person to stop me thinking too much and to just tell me what the hell to do!

After another huge amount of research, I finally met up with someone at the end of last week and it is all systems go!

What I will be working on until the end of May is eating calories, eating a huge amount of protein and training hard! Sounds simple – doubt it.

Over the last month or so I have been feeling chubby and wasn’t too happy with myself, so I decided to cut back on calories – I kept protein high but just a sniff of carbs. I also added a little cardio to my workouts. Interestingly enough this was my results – I know my stuff; I just never know why I don’t practise what I preach.

Yes, a weight reduction BUT I also lost muscle percentage and gained fat percentage! It isn’t the numbers under your feet ladies, it is what you are actually made up of! Anyway, lesson learned and again proof that dieting is bo@#ocks!

It isn’t all doom and gloom though – I am pleased with some of the gains I am making. Back is looking alright and strength is definitely improving. I am excited to see what my training can achieve when I am fuelling correctly too.

Positives about the next phase –

  • Getting to eat 6 times a day

  • Not being hungry

  • A focus

  • No cardio

Negatives about the next phase –

  • Having to eat 6 times a day

  • Probably feeling ‘big’

  • Staying focussed

  • Missing cardio

I have also just ordered my posing shoes. The rules here are they have to be clear with a 4.5 heel – not my usual choice of footwear but the sexy jelly shoe has to be the way forward! I have heard that if you warm them with a hairdryer, they become more comfortable???!! I will let you know.

We have also booked tickets to go and see a show in April - looking forward to seeing the condition of competitors. Motivation right there in front of me!

Current stats -

Weight - 68.1 kg

Body Fat Percentage - 23.1%

Muscle Mass Percentage - 29.1%

Phase - About to embark on to the BULK phase

Training - 6 times per week

If you can't find me over the next few months I'll be hanging out at the gym or the breakfast bar!

Let's do this!!!!

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