BP Winter 2020 - Wk #9

It's getting lighter................................. which means we are so very nearly out of this bloody awful winter. This was how light it was at 6.30 after class at Probus this morning!!!! It is coming people......YASSSSSSSSS!

Week 9 is over, another lightning fast one! Last weekend I trotted off to Bristol for an exam for my pre & post-natal course. Haven't quite got the results yet and still have to complete my coursework (this weekends job) but this is very almost another useful qualification under my belt which is going to invaluable for the future of Think Fit.

We have seen a ramp up in early morning numbers this week which is excellent so I am positive that we are going to finish these 12 weeks as strong as we started and with fitness levels soaring. We are honestly so very impressed with you - we talk about your amazing technique and dedication all of the time and we love that you share our passion.

News this week is of course about our lovely Jess. All of your support means so much to her and we are so proud of you Think Fitties & our inclusive, supportive group. Honestly, badass women doesn't even come close! Jess, you have got this - we are ALL behind you xxx

This leads us on to our stars of the week!

Obviously, without a shadow of doubt......JESS!! Not just for the obvious detail of her recent diagnosis but beyond that. Jess, since you have started with us you have grabbed Think Fit by the horns and literally ran with it. You smash every single bloody workout, never complain & you are the nicest most fabulous female!!

We also want to pop Tamsin up on a pedestal this week too. Tamsin, your fitness is improving week on week. 9 weeks ago you were new to exercise and not only are you doing 4 BP sessions a week and nailing each one, you have also started coming along to P90X!! Hardcore!!! You go girl!

Starting from Thursday next week, I am joining one of my besties (who some of you will know), Bonnie Davies on a 125 mile walk, raising money for CDSSG (Cornwall Down Syndrome Support Group). If anybody would like to throw a few pennies on to the Virgin page, I am sure both Bonnie & CDSSG would be most grateful.


Keep the momentum up kids......it is so nearly the end.......keep going!

Have a fabulous weekend.

Becky & Ria xx

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