BP Winter 2020 - Week #7

Don't want to speak too soon but I think we may have all survived half term!!

You've not got away with easy workouts this week - I think a few of you were expecting to but we like to keep you on your toes as always. We have had lots of complaints of aching legs and arms this week so I figure we must be doing our job properly.

A big well done and thank you to all of our mini Think Fitties this week. All of the kids that have been dragged along and joined in or sat and watched, thank you for being so well behaved. I think you will all agree when I say that I really think that you are all being fantastic role models to the mini versions of yourselves.

Despite all of our classes still being on this week we feel as though we have had a bit of down time too which has been nice. Probably because the 4 school runs per day haven't been happening but I also think it has been a lush, chilled one with you all. We have had a great week with you all.

My star of the week is easy this week, it is Hannah Matthews who is one of our Probus members. Hannah you really are surpassing yourself and there is literally only one thing I would change in you - believe in yourself!! You are doing everything perfectly and pushing yourself in the right direction! I was super impressed on Weds morning when you picked up the heaviest KettleBell and didn't look back - really well done!!

Ria has chosen Leah Hayward for being constantly brilliant and consistently dedicated. I know we've said it so many times but Leah, you're the perfect example of how effort, dedication and consistency pays off and it was absolutely brilliant putting you through your paces in back to back P90X and BoxFit this week. Your fitness levels are massive now and we think you're fab!!

While enjoying some thinking space this week we have decided on dates for the Summer Body Project intake and also (I know it's ages away) the Summer Slam! We are actually really excited about this and praying for a bit more sunshine this time ha ha. Watch this space for more info on this but as always, you lot will get first dibs on spaces for the new intake.

Also with all this talk of kindness and self-care this week I wanted to share this with you all - I thought it was a really good one, certainly made a lot of sense to me! Just concentrate on what you can control and let the other stuff go x

Have the most brilliant weekend and we will see you bright and early on Monday!!!

Becky & Ria xx

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