BP Winter 2020 - Week #5

I think I blinked - Not entirely sure where this week has gone!!

It has been a blimen' good one though! Another successful Fundamentals course on Sunday evening. Those that have attended this course, it really shows in class. Your technique is soooooo improved.

Other highlights this week - we have a new toy, our mic headset. I know not all of you are a fan but trust me it makes teaching so much easier and I no longer have to shout full pelt. Tuesday night was awesome - loud, disco lights and jam packed! 22 of you in Piloxing, it was definitely my favourite one yet!

Other achievements this week for us include passing another exam (only 2 more!!), planning our core fundamentals class for next Thursday which we are super excited for and...... the discovery of Fluffernutter Crumpets.

Giant Crumpet

Peanut Butter

Marshmallow Fluff

Banana sliced on top


Enough about us though, let's talk about you!! We are so impressed with your continued commitment and success with this intake of The Body Project. Just keep remembering, consistency is key!! Keep at it, the results are showing.

Classes this week have been entertaining to say the least with the return of Musical Chairs.....

This week we have both chosen the same awesome lady as our star of the week - Kathryn Brooker. Quietly coming in, quietly getting on with it and quietly getting results!! Kathryn you are doing awesomely well and you are looking fabulous. Can not WAIT to get my tape measure around you because I can see the results staring me in the face and not only that you look happy and healthy with it! Good on you x

Next week will be our half way point so keep smashing it everyone. Get booked in quick for Tuesday night if you are planning on coming. Also, if you would like a space on our Core Fundamentals course on Thursday then get booked in via GymCatch. It will be a 2 hour workshop and we will be covering core, lower back, postnatal, diastasis recti and pelvic floor. Gonna be a gooden!

Have a perfect stormy weekend everyone - Keep Safe!

Becky & Ria xx

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