Bikini Comp Prep Jan-Feb

A month into training and I am LOVING it. So super happy to have found ‘my thing’ and I would say lifting definitely is! I might almost go as far as saying I’m alright at it!

Positives about this month –

  • I am getting stronger

  • I am feeling so motivated

  • I have gained a KG of muscle

  • I have lost a KG of fat

  • Smaller body measurements

  • I have spoken to a lot of people about comps, have bought a lot of books, watched a lot of you tube videos and may have even found a posing coach

  • Have found a wonderful young talented lady to take on the challenge of making my bikini

  • I have taken the plunge and decided on my categories. I have entered Bikini over 35’s & Ultimate Masters over 35’s. Ask me later what the difference is ha ha

Negatives about this month –

  • Permanent DOMS

  • Sore, calloused hands

  • Gained weight

  • Am hungry ALL the time

  • Grumpy (nah, only joking that is every month)]

What has been so interesting is that I am gaining weight and losing inches and body fat! And actually, I am glad to be gaining weight as it proves my theory right once again – you shouldn’t look at those numbers underneath your feet, they mean very little in telling you what you are actually made up of. What if I was to tell you that I am on the overweight border of BMI too!

I have been weighing myself every morning as well as have body stat testing done. The morning scales can fluctuate by up to a couple of kilos in 24 hours, that is 4-5lbs. Another indication of the scales not really giving us a true representation.

I was nervous to start weighing myself again. I used to have a very unhealthy attitude to the numbers beneath my feet and found it to be some kind of competition with myself to see how small I could get (those who have read ‘Surrounded by Idiots – I am a RED). I have to say this unhealthy attitude has changed and I feel nothing but positivity about the way I am heading.

Jan/Feb Stats to compare

Weight – 67.8kg Weight – 69.4kg

Body Fat Percentage – 22.9% Body Fat Percentage - 21.4%

Muscle Mass – 29%

Muscle Mass - 30.3%

Phase – Initial Cut Phase – Eating to Maintain

Training – Lifting 6 x per week Training – Lifting 6 x per week


Waist – 80.5cm Waist – 76cm

Hips – 101cm Hips – 100cm

Right thigh – 60.5cm Right thigh – 57.5cm

Flexed right bicep – 32cm Flexed right bicep – 32cm

Flexed left bicep – 31cm Flexed left bicep – 31cm

Bra line – 77cm Bra line – 77cm

Chest – 84cm Chest – 84cm

Oh, and other BIG NEWS – I nailed one of 2020 goals today!! 50 full press-ups in a row, NO REST!! Yasssssssssss

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