BP Winter 2020 - Week #3

It has been one of those weeks BUT we have got through it! We have had grubby builders in our house all week causing havoc, we haven't been able to cook or chill & have spent almost the entire week out of the house. Luckily it has mostly been with you lovely lot. Between us we have done 2 Personal Training Sessions, taken and passed an exam each, had a day at college, had chocca block FULL evening classes, planned and delivered a very successful exercise fundamentals workshop, Ria has rubbed 5 people, I have been to the gym every day, we've put together a Think Kitchen food guide for an awesome lady and......have enjoyed teaching 220 of you this week!!

Just for the record we will be having a glass of fizz tonight!

I have to say though - although it's been a mental one, it has also been such a rewarding week and we absolutely LOVED last night. Teaching and encouraging some of you to achieve things you didn't feel possible is just ace! Full press-ups, amazing squat techniques and everybody nailing the imaginary grapefruit technique! Yassssssssss!!!

Ok stars of the week. Have to be honest it has been so hard to choose.........

Ria has chosen Sally Allen. Sally you are just so determined, you listen to everything, put it into practise and voila you do it!!!! Cannot tell you how proud we are to get another one of you doing full press-ups - badass!

I have chosen Lesley Zanni. Lesley is my shining star for a similar reason as Sally. Seeing you achieve what you didn't believe you could do was just so special last night especially when you launched your arm in the air and said 'Yessssssssss'!!

Other news - We will be running a special offer on our Think Kitchen package until the 31st Jan. We want you to all keep achieving and this will most certainly keep you on the straight and narrow! Details will be coming out shortly, but a great offer for current Body Projectors & Think Fitties.

We are quarter of the way through this Body Project believe it or not. Week 4 is set to be wonderful as always....ha ha ha (evil laugh).

And not only will we be watching your technique, so will Edie......

Have a good one,

Becky & Ria xx

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