BP Winter 2020 - Week #2

Well winter has hit right?? Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

This week has gone super speedy for us! A busy one for sure with lots going on but even busier next week with us Personal Training one of you epic ladies, exams hitting and of course us delivering the basic exercise workshop on Thursday. Looking forward to it all!

This week has seen record numbers flying through our doors I reckon. Tuesday night was a particular highlight once again - this week we added another dimension to the impromptu rave!! Everybody definitely danced like no-one was watching!!

Class at 9.15 this morning was also a gooden! Just love it when it's full to the rafters with such amazing women all bettering themselves and supporting each other! Each and every woman in that room is there for a different reason and it is just brilliant.

This leads me on to our stars of the week......

This week I have chosen Hannah Matthews. Hannah is one of our new members at Probus who is completely giving it her all whether that's at 6am or 9.15. She constantly smiles, never complains and I can see that the classes are just what she needs. Well done Hannah and have an awesome time in Bulgaria next week my lovely.

Ria this week has chosen Kay Thomas. Kay only started with us this week and I have to say, she is there to impress. She is cracking on, getting stuck in, isn't afraid of anything and even with a bra malfunction, does NOT give up! Good things are in store for you Kay!!

A little thank you from me (Becky) too. I want to say how much all your support means with regards to my latest challenge. I can tell you are all 100% behind me and that really means a lot. I have had offers of chats with husbands who work in the field and I even have one of your daughters potentially designing and making my bikini!! As I always say, 'women supporting women' - you can't beat that shit!

We want you all to have the most wonderful weekend! We will virtually 'cheers' you all later!

See you on Monday for week 3!!!!!

Becky & Ria xxx

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