Becky has a goal for 2020!

Ever since I was a little girl, I have had a fascination with the way the human body looks. I noticed from a young age that my Dad looked different to most of the other Dads. I wondered why, but it quickly became apparent – my Dad trained! Albeit in his mates’ garage but he lifted, and that is how his body was different. He had muscles!

My life didn’t continue with my Father much after the age of 10 and I have no idea if he continued to lift but I know that my fascination still continued. As for many women, it wasn’t something that was particularly encouraged when I was in my late teens, early twenties. It was still very much the attitude of Cardio is for women and lifting is for men! ‘Bollocks’!

It has only been the last 3 years that I have attempted weightlifting – no word of a lie I started with tins of beans, I increased to 1kg dumbells and slowly but surely over time I am lifting heavier and getting so much stronger.

I have seen a massive difference in my body shape and yes, the scales say I am heavier but interestingly I have a smaller percentage of body fat.

4 years ago, I weighed 59kg with a Body Fat Percentage of 28%.

Now I weigh 68kg with a Body Fat Percentage of 22%.

This makes the numbers under my feet irrelevant!

So, this actually all leads on to my 2020 challenge! It is something I have ALWAYS wanted to do but certainly something I needed to be in the right head-space and environment for.

Encouragement and support (mostly from Ria and my awesome kids) are going to be key in me achieving this! Oh, and a whole bucket of willpower!

On the 12th September I am going to get on stage, in a sparkly (small) bikini and ‘try’ and strut my stuff in a Body Building competition.

It is vanity at its most but it is not that that intrigues me. It is the months of hard graft leading up to it, it is the exact science of eating and fuelling, it is the process and the challenge!

This is huge and I am beyond nervous. Not only will I be pushing my body to do incredible things but also my brain to learn everything I need to do about training, bulking and cutting! I might even have to give up PROSECCO!! Shhhhhhhhhh

I plan to blog throughout my journey mainly as a diary for myself but if any of you are interested then by all means follow. As much support as you can give me, the more successful I will be. Wish me luck!!

Current Stats (January 2020)

Weight – 67.8kg

Body Fat Percentage – 22.9%

Skeletal Muscle Mass – 29%

Phase – Initial Cut

Training – Lifting 6 x per week


Waist – 80.5cm

Hips – 101cm

Right thigh – 60.5cm

Flexed right bicep – 32cm

Flexed left bicep – 31cm

Bra line – 77cm

Chest – 84cm

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