BP Winter 2020 - Week #1

Wow what a week!! Not going to lie, those early mornings have NOT been easy but now we are at the end of the first week I am feeling pretty fantastic and hope you are too.

Firstly, want to start by bigging up all the new members of The Body Project for this term. Starting in January with the early dark mornings is an accomplishment in itself but working your socks off too......wow!

We want to congratulate some old timers with Think Fit anniversaries. Many of you have been coming for a couple of years now which is soooooo awesome!

Thank you for still enjoying what we do and for making what we offer part of your lives. It is so happy making to know that that you are loving it.

As you may know we like to highlight the successes of a couple of you every week and to crown our stars of the week. Drum roll please.............

I have chosen Jo Whyte. Jo you are a pleasure to have in class and from what I have seen so far you are going to achieve great things over the next few weeks. You are already pushing yourself and are totally invested - love it!

Ria has chosen Donna Tonkin. As you may be aware Donna is pregnant and attends our Probus classes. She has been with us before and during her pregnancy so far and is looking really fit and strong. She is getting stuck in with everyone else and is doing really great things. Well done Donna :)

Other highlights this week for me have to be the impromptu rave we had on Tuesday evening at P90X, haven't stopped grinning about that! We might just have a surprise for next week ;)

NEWS - It is always our intention to teach you the very best technique for all exercises that you do. This is not only to avoid injury but also so you get the most out of it. Trust me when I say that a plank, a squat or a press-up are even more beneficial if you get the technique spot on.

To concentrate and help you with this a little more we are going to put on an evening session in a couple of weeks purely for learning basic exercises and how to activate the muscles you should be and how to get the most from each movement. Our first one is going to on Thursday 23rd Jan.

We are also going to run a couple more over the next 12 weeks - one being for core, lower back, post-natal & pelvic floor and the last one will be on the theme of lifting & advanced techniques. I will add details on to Facebook in the form of an event!

We want to wish you an extremely brilliant weekend! Those that are doing dry January, good luck! Those who aren't - you can do it, only 3 weeks left!!

Hope you are not aching too much!!

Becky & Ria xx

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