I have been burying my head in the sand for the last few weeks. I often curl in a ball inside when I have things on my mind, it helps me to process and make sense of things. I am not an over sharer but when presented with a rare opportunity to perhaps encourage others, I think it is important. As nearly all of you are women that read my random ramblings, I wanted to motivate you all to give yourselves the time to give your body a little TLC and get yourselves checked!! That’s right ladies – do not put it off, make those smear appointments & get feeling those boobs!!

A few weeks ago I went along for my routine cervical screening appointment, we all know it’s not the best day out but…...well, I don’t have to tell you. It’s important!! A week later I got a letter through the post informing me my smear test had come back showing ‘abnormal’. You know that feeling when you just know it’s going to not be ok?? Yes that! I was invited along for a Coloscopy.

Unfortunately, a few days later I noticed a lump in my boob too!! Panic stations started…..I dragged myself to the Dr’s the next day who confirmed she could feel it too and immediately referred me to the Mermaid Centre.

The next few days & weeks that followed were a bit rocky to say the least. A fair amount of gin was consumed, a few tears, a few ‘I don’t want to see anyone, don’t make me be smiley in front of everyone’ moments & a big fat slap across the face of WTF will happen to my kids

I know, I know it all sounds very dramatic & I am usually not one to worry about these things but you also have to remember that the ‘better half’ of me is also a wonderful, worrying lady too! Ria & I have been living life to the absolute full since we met – my stupid, middle of the night brain was shouting ‘THERE IS A REASON FOR THAT’.

To cut a long (and cringy) story short, I went along for a Coloscopy where I was advised to have a couple of biopsies (YAY!!) and a few days later toddled along to have my boobs prodded and scanned.

BOOBS – A OK!! Phew……. Just a big, weird glandular nodule!!

The results from the cervical biopsies have taken a while to come through but…..something dropped on the doorstep today! And hoo-friggin’-rah – I am all good!! More regular cervical screening for me to keep an eye on those pre-cancerous nasties but I feel as though my shoulders can relax and I am so desperately hoping that Ria can finally get some good sleep 😊

Please don’t read this all wrong and think I am looking for anything; I am not one to need to talk or for sympathy. I felt it important to write this because I think if I can encourage at least one of you to check your body, note any changes, get yourselves checked, to attend those (awkward) appointments and to know that you’re not alone then it’s been worth it!!

You’re important, I'm important, everyone is important!!! And as Ria says, along with some ace pink fizz & Lindor balls (from the new Sainsburys Pic n mix 😉)

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