Leaving Skinny Behind

What do you think about almost every waking moment?

I am going to jump inside the minds of the majority of women right now – you think about how to achieve a ‘better’ body, how to lose weight, how to maintain weight, how you get into that dress next weekend or your swimwear on holiday. You think about how to get back to the size you once were. You have guilty thoughts about eating, about not eating, about eating the wrong thing! It is a constant barrage of head-doing vicious circles.

I know all this because I am ‘The majority of women’. I worry about keeping fit, about being a good body ‘non-conscious’ role model to my kids, I feel the pressure to keep the pounds down because of my profession.

When something plays on my mind a lot, I like to write about it. I don’t always blog about stuff but writing gets it off my chest, clears my mind and if it can help or inspire others then it’s a bloody good bonus….hence my scribing today.

So, what can we do about this common head Arrrgghhhhhhhhhhhhh?! I was recently in the gym and I had one of those staring face trance, daydream moments. It came shortly after I was comparing my body to yet another young, toned female. During this time, it dawned on me; what I actually want is for my brain to just chill out and stop doubting what I have, what I look like and what I used to look like. I want to be happy with what I am!

So, I decided there and then – I am leaving skinny behind!

I am not throwing my arms in the air here and saying that I am giving up on myself. I am recognising that my extra dress size or two isn’t actually an extra dress size or two. It’s not ‘extra’, it’s me! And, just because I used to wear smaller clothes doesn’t mean I should beat myself up about not being able to anymore.

I am just wondering – who wants to join me with ‘leaving skinny behind’?? Not physically but mentally – who wants to quash those constant brain pop-ups and turn off those notifications? Who wants to join me with concentrating on health, on happiness, on fitness and on the good times?

Stop feeling bad about who you are, about what stage of life your body is at!

Someone recently told me that they were mourning for the slim version they used to be. This really resonated with me and made me realise – so was I. It also got me thinking that what we should be doing is celebrating our all-round awesomeness and we should stop dwelling on something that once was.

On the flip side I am however, a massive advocate of women feeling that a different or improved version of themselves is a goal they would like to work towards. Whether losing weight, getting fitter and healthier; it will always be on the agenda for many and so it should be and in someone wanting to change, it should be respected. What I think we should remind ourselves of though is that we should stop beating our brains up if you have a set-back, time out, no inch or weight loss or if your child rams a cookie in your mouth. It is life and I just think being a little kinder to ourselves and allowing ourselves lee-way could be a huge eye-opener.

For me, I like taking the time to focus on what makes me happy – FITNESS. This stuff is literally liquid (sweaty) gold and I love it! I love the focus it gives me; the brain kick I always seem to need, it makes me smile, pant, grunt, it makes me feel awesome! I think I asked the question recently on social media,

‘If exercise didn’t burn any calories, would you still do it’?

For me, absolutely yes!

The added bonus is that it DOES burn calories, it improves our heart health, our bodily functions, it burns fat and it builds muscle. The list of benefits that fitness has with regards to our body is actually endless.

Just a reminder that at Think Fit we respect everyone’s reason to be there – we think you are all awesome, amazing humans. During our classes there is nothing but positive vibes and everyone kicking ass in their own way. We are a safe space to rant or to celebrate our latest goal smashing but we are also there to listen if you are having a bad week. We know what it is like and we will continue to root for you no matter what your brain is saying!

But how about we ‘shush’ our brain just a bit and tell it to stop being out of order. Let’s put our irrational expectations of being super skinny to the side and start enjoying what we are doing and celebrate what our bodies can do – I can almost guarantee happiness in this approach and more than likely a ‘better’ body as a result!

Who’s in??

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