Think Kitchen – the secret weapon in the Think Fit Armoury

I am Rachel & here I am again, at the start of another Body Project, hoping I can finally turnaround my creeping dress size.

I first joined Think Fit and their fitness programme The Body Project™ in January 2018. I was part of a new group – the 9.15ers – who were unable to join the early morning sessions, so Becky created a new timeslot. It’s perfect for single mums like me who can’t drag our munchkins to a village hall at 6am.

I joined with clear goals to shift the weight I’d put on after my divorce, but what I actually gained was even better – a whole new group of incredible women I’m lucky enough to now call my friends.

Throughout Spring and Summer last year; I burpeed, planked, squatted, press-upped, sat up, sweated a lot, definitely improved my fitness, had a proper giggle and thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful community that’s been created by Becky

Think Fit.

But, no change to the numbers on the scales, and in fact my clothes were getting tighter. Also, my boobs seem to have grown to ridiculous proportions, but NOT IN A GOOD WAY. I just look matronly and they keep jiggling out of my sports bras. No one needs to see Picken nips in a fitness class!

I travel for work about twice a month, which means expenses paid dinners, convenience food and often staying with friends who are keen for a tipple or two and a meal out.

Because of the regular travel, I felt I couldn’t give The Body Project™ the commitment it needed so I stopped for a bit and in Autumn, I joined the gym near my work. I love going to the gym, especially lifting weights and occasional classes. But I was missing the consistency and focus I needed to see the difference I so wanted.

Holidays happened, Christmas came and went, along with fresh resolutions to try harder. We’ve all been there, right?

Mondays and Tuesdays I was pretty well behaved, but it just took one stressful work meeting, commute or evening of kids squabbling before I would fall into a pit of crisps, wine and chocolate-fuelled despair.

I kept asking myself - I’ve been hugely successful with my business and my work, so why isn’t this reflected in my physique and fitness? I started to grieve for slimmer me.

But this time, it all feels different. I have a secret weapon in my armoury – I’m part of the first cohort to join Think Kitchen.

And quite simply, it has BLOWN MY MIND.

It’s so SIMPLE.

It all starts with a four-day food diary. I’ve decided to approach the whole thing like a work project. I have objectives, I have a strategy. I have my tools and tactics (geeky I know but it’s working for me).

My food diary was meticulous. I added a column to record how I was feeling when I ate. I’m treating myself like I would a client – with respect and support, commitment and focus.

What even I realised from my meal plan is that I wasn’t eating enough during the day, certainly not drinking enough water and then at 5pm when my blood sugar levels crash, I open the crisps and wine. After that, it’s calorific oblivion.

I met with Becky to talk about my goals (wear my favourite denim shorts, buy a lovely outfit for a girls weekend away in July) and to discuss my relationship with food and my lifestyle. She takes my food diary and personal stats and turns it all into a beautiful, (it really is pretty) tailored food choice guide.

It lays out my personal target calorie intake each day, and how this should be made up of carbs, protein and fat. Think Kitchen is about sensible, balanced eating with strong emphasis on fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, protein and carbs at each meal.

There’s a section for snacks and treats – Think Kitchen recommends three snacks a day, which has also blown my mind. Going hungry is just not an option.

Calories are higher than many people would assume for a target deficit. But there is decent thinking behind this. Think Kitchen is about sustainable and lasting changes – you can add to your caloric deficit with exercise and staying active throughout the day.

But the best part? There’s a whole new community of Think Kitchen crew. We share pictures of our meals, applaud some excellent meal planning (including one member’s meal prep at 5.30am ahead of Body Project) and suggest different food combos to hit our macros.

It’s a chatty and friendly group, plus additional guidance from Becky and Ria. If, like me, you’ve witnessed Ria’s physical transformation over the past year, it’s this way of eating that’s got her there.

I’m only just getting started with Think Kitchen but for the first time in a long time, I feel calm and in control. My body and my mind are finally getting the fuel they deserve and I’m excited about what I can achieve – personally, professionally and getting back into my summer wardrobe.

Rachel xx

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