Dry January Victory!!!


Dry January is very nearly over and I am victorious! I cannot tell you how much of a challenge this has actually been for me. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t have an issue with booze but it is definitely a habit that has formed and a method for me to ‘switch off’. I’m not going to lie, the first two weeks were pretty unbearable – let’s be honest here, no bubbles in the most miserable month of the year?? Cruel!!

My biggest fear was that at the end of January I would feel better for it. Guess what?? It’s the end of January and I feel better for it!!! Arrrrgggghhh.

The last two weeks have been a lot easier and I have thought about a ‘cold one’ less and less. There have been moments I have not known what to do with myself but I have got through it! Just ha ha. Other benefits I have noticed have been that my mood has not been as up and down (Ria may disagree), my energy levels are higher, I have been more productive and my tummy is definitely less bloated.

As if Dry January wasn’t enough of a challenge for me, I also decided that I would make sure I exercised every day and ensured that I would hit my 10,000 steps daily too! This has of course been less of a challenge for me but I wanted to see what sort of results I would get by sticking to these 3 simple daily steps for the whole of January. I have not changed the way in which I have eaten, in fact I have been eating more (of the good stuff of course).

The results of my little personal experiment may confuse you…..

I weighed myself at the start – I haven’t weighed myself for about 3 years so this was a big thing for me. Not surprisingly I weighed what I guessed I weighed. 31 days later, after exercising every day, hitting & exceeding recommended daily steps and having absolutely no tipsy moments guess what….I weigh MORE! This I was not expecting as I definitely feel as though I am smaller.

What stood beneath me on the scales instantly changed my mood!! Why did I bother? What is the point? I might as well not bother doing anything!! Blah Blah Blah!

So, I ran upstairs, stripped off and took a photo to compare to the one I snapped on January 1st. Here is the proof of the results. Do I look heavier?? – No.

What I see in the photo is that I am stronger, fitter and less bloated. I have more energy and I feel better and I am ready to take on February so how can I feel negative about that?

I am more than pleased with the results I can see here and I am actually really rather delighted that I have gained a couple of pounds so I can prove my theory of not putting too much effort into changing those numbers.

It is far more important to focus your energy on what your body can do, focus on getting stronger, fitter and love your newly found energy. Do me a favour – run upstairs, strip off and take a snap! Find and hide your scales! Stop taunting yourself – just remember you (and others) can see results they can’t see how much you weigh!

Focus on your non-scale victories people!!

This little rant will lead me on to my next blog – The great food debate. Here I want to explore how you can find that balance of eating and exercising and how you can find that healthy relationship of exercising because it is good for you and not because you feeling bad about what you ate!

‘Don’t exercise because you have eaten. Don’t eat because you have exercised’.

Whilst I am thinking about the content of that blog you must excuse me!! It’s the first day of February tomorrow – I am off to stock the fridge!!!!

Roll on tomorrow!!

Becky xx

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