Awesome? Where have you gone?

Awesome?? Where have you gone??

The end of 2018 is nigh and therefore today is the day for reflection and goal setting….. or is it?

I went for a run this morning – I felt clunky, chunky, heavy and lethargic! My first response to this was to be hard on myself. Why was I not feeling as awesome as I previously have when I have ran? Should I give up and put my running days behind me? Should I keep persevering even though I feel less than awesome?

The more I ran the more I felt determined. Determined not to let the negative thoughts get the better of me. I focused on why I like to run and not the jiggling Christmas overhang my leggings were cutting in to. I focused on the view, the sky and I focused on what I want out of 2019.

I don’t think it is important to always set goals for the new year ahead unless you are the sort of person that likes that type of motivation – I am that sort of person, I thrive on lists and ticks and achieving, so here it is……

  1. I want to run a half marathon and beat my PB

  2. I want to Bench Press (just once) my body weight

  3. I want ABS – ones that you can actually see and not just in the ‘right’ light

  4. I WANT more than anything to be less hard on myself – to catch up emotionally on all that has happened in 2018 and to feel the confidence, the awesomeness I used to feel!!

‘Awesome?? Where have you gone??’

It led me into thinking (whilst running & jumping over numerous Jack Russell’s) what happens when the feeling of awesome subsides, what are we left with? Should our lives be determined by what we achieve within it or should we feel satisfaction and awesomeness from just being?

In 2019 I am aiming for more ‘just being’ and (my trickiest one) to be less hard on myself – I may not feel as awesome as I once have, I might not ever again but this is OK!!

It’s hard being a human

But this isn’t all about me, I want to help you to be less hard on yourself too. I want us to help and support each other.

It’s hard being a human – we compare, we compete, we over-think, under-think and our emotions get in the way far too much. All of this stand in the way of us achieving what we deserve.

What we deserve is to feel awesome, our own kind of awesome!

The number 1 go to for me for helping me to be a happier human is exercise 😊 The amount of times this year that I have worked out for my mental health has far surpassed the amount I have done towards my ABS goals 😉 It’s important – the people, the endorphins, the personal achievement, the sweat, the release of feeling pent up, the feeling of getting more badass at whatever it is you are doing!

I know for a fact that this is the case for (almost) everyone. Most of you that have attended the regular sessions of The Body Project have definitely found more of THEIR awesome. It’s what I love so much about it, the smiles! Be rest assured though that your body will follow – your body will change, it will become leaner, stronger and more able 😊 Win bloody Win!!

So, promise me one thing – be less hard on yourself, don’t compare, just be & 2019 will be a blessing I am certain!

It’s NYE – enjoy every last second of 2018 and if you are looking for a new you in 2019 then come and give The Body Project a go 😊 Just remember we are all looking for awesome!



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