Let's talk about 'BALANCE'

Many of you come to me concerned that they don’t see a drastic drop in the numbers beneath your feet….The SCALES!! How about if I told you that photo number 1 and photo number 3 I had pretty much the same number beneath my feet?? So, for this reason I have decided to sit down and write about what I have learnt along the way - ‘the art of balance’. I am using myself as an example and how what you put in versus what we put out and the type of training we do can really make a difference to your body and more importantly, your wellbeing!

Here is me…..and my journey I suppose in pictures.

The first picture shows a girl who thought doing the Macarena was pretty intense cardio!! Although I have always eaten well (ish) I certainly didn’t understand the benefits that exercise could bring. Not only did I have no confidence in myself but I suffered with extreme exhaustion, low self-esteem and also bouts of depression. Just after that first photograph I took on a diet and exercise regime…. I’ve always had an addictive personality so to stick to it was easy for me. I worked out A LOT but also didn’t truly understand the importance of fuelling right and by cutting all fat from my diet caused my muscles to deplete and my cycles to disappear! Like so many women I was also obsessed with the number that stood beneath me on the scales. I remember still feeling as though I hadn’t met my goal weight in that second photograph which in hindsight is ridiculous! So, what I want to show you is the ART OF BALANCE!! I do still eat healthily and that’s what I prefer but I do treat myself and definitely hold less guilt. I understand that by putting in the right stuff you can get better results. I know the benefits of strength training alongside cardio (which is why I teach what I teach) and I understand that if I don’t exercise not only does my body suffer but so does my mind! My results – Well I don’t really weigh much less than I do in that first photo and this is a classic example of muscle weighing more than fat!! Yes this is true it does; but it’s also smaller, more compact and denser - hence why you see the results from the tape measure! I now feel more confident, my mental health has dramatically improved, I feel strong and what is more I really can have my cake and eat it!! The biggest lesson is to accept yourself, do not compare, ditch the scales and trust the process!! Becky xx

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