The Body Project – Way more than just a ‘Better Body’

I feel the need to write this and share with you all how much The Body Project has changed my life. When I first came up with the idea I had no idea of the positive impact it would have on me, how much I would enjoy it and how important the people that attend would mean to me!

The Body Project started off as a 12 week ‘body’ transformation programme – designed to boost physical fitness, shrink waistlines and to help people fit into that smaller size dress! I wanted to get as many local people into fitness as I could. I was confident I could motivate my audience to do this – I had achieved it myself and understood that support and consistency is all that is really needed.

After the first intake of The Body Project every single one of you re-signed up for the next. This was brilliant and I was proud. I’m not going to lie, my main hope was that everyone that came would see and feel a physical difference but on hearing the reasons for you wanting to continue I quickly realised there was more to this than that; you felt happier, more confident, more energised, life felt easier to handle, you had more time to cope with morning home chaos, you have smashed your parkrun PB, enjoyed mountainous walks on holiday with your family, felt your most awesome self on your wedding day and for some of you even skin and other health complaints improved.

‘For me, it is mostly about keeping me sane…..Exercising in the morning means I feel ready to face the day with a spring in my step’

‘I come for the benefits of emotional health as well as physical health. It is also lovely to be part of a group where you feel welcomed and not judged’

’12 weeks later, I’ve completed the course, I feel ridiculously fitter, stronger, calmer and more confident and am signed up to do it all again’

‘I did 14 burpees in a minute which is a massive record for me – Bloody hate burpees – I couldn’t do a single one when I joined last year!’

More than that though and this is where it is really special; the peer support and motivation from a strong, awesome group of people meant that some of you experienced a new-found clarity and confidence about yourselves. This has encouraged you to make life changing decisions – there have been divorces, job quitting and new business plunges!!

‘I honestly feel frickin’ awesome after my first 12-week body project, it's down to doing this with u guys, not just working out 3 times a week but it's motivated to make me do my own workouts and if I'm honest I feel comfortable in my own skin again. I'm happy!!!’

One of my tag lines has always been ‘Motivate your mind & your body will follow’. I still stand by this but what if it is also the other way around??

‘Be regularly badass with your body & your mind will follow’!

If I look back at how I used to feel before I found exercise it all rings true! In the past I have been on anti-depressants, have undergone several blood tests to find a magical reason why I was chronically fatigued and I had very little confidence and self-esteem. My go-to now when I am feeling even slightly stressed or uncomfortable with life is to workout & to be around awesome people! (I am sure a few of you remember me kicking and punching things before bootcamp on a few occasions at Killiow this summer). It is a release for me, negative feelings leave and the ability to cope with shit is left.

I am proud of The Body Project and how it is helping you. I understand the pressures and expectation of always being a good mum, a good wife, a good friend, a good bloody human! I sometimes step back and watch the motivation and support you are all showing each other in every session – building each other up instead of tearing each other down. I hope that The Body Project has shown you a different environment in which to work out – I love the way we all look fairly horrific at 6am but no one judges; I love the way we rant and moan and laugh and cry (sometimes). We are all real and all awesome and I LOVE IT!!

Of course, we can’t bypass the physical benefits entirely and neither should we. Inches are being lost at a steady and consistent rate, you are all healthily glowing with those endorphins racing round your body, you ARE dropping dress sizes and I can see your strength, fitness and muscle tone improving in every session. I feel brilliant when you come to me and tell me you have hit the next stone bracket or you haven’t been this weight since before you had children.

‘I've just measured myself after 1 month of attending Becky's classes... I've lost a total of 10.5 inches! SO CHUFFED! Thank you, Becky, for holding these awesome classes at times that I can actually attend’

It makes me smile because it makes you smile 😊 It makes me smile bigger though when I hear that the class you attended that evening changed a shit day into a good one and that you feel good enough and ready to squeeze as much goodness out of life as possible.

‘The camaraderie is great and I’ve met some truly lovely people. Becky you are awesome at getting everyone to give their best and do it for their own reasons – when there is so much focus on weight, I think this is really important! For me, it’s about getting fitter and de-stressing. I decided to do The Body project for a few reasons but one being for my mental health. Stress can be overwhelming at times and we all need an outlet. Fitness is a great way to clear the mind and have time for just yourself.’

I am so happy to be offering an alternative to the usual weight loss programmes and/or gym environments. The Body Project is a safe and accessible place to come and be yourself and to workout at your own level. I am passionate that the numbers that flash beneath your feet are not the be-all and end-all. They DO NOT define you and they shouldn’t play a part in how frickin’ fantastic you are as a person. I have been one of those girls that weighed every single morning and I was miserable in doing so……It has now been 3 and a half years since I launched my scales in to the loft! I have no idea of the numbers beneath my feet and neither do I care.

This is why The Body Project has taken the decision to ban the scales. Think about all those benefits that you have read about above and think about the real reasons why you get up at 5.30am 3 days a week to come and jump around in a village hall – the feelings of being YOU are way better than the feelings of smaller numbers.

‘I didn’t really know what to expect – I was into exercising outside not inside and was not really an early morning person BUT I started in Jan and was totally hooked on it. It is quick and efficient exercise – perfect for doing before work and feeling slightly smug all day. My normal exercise wasn’t a challenge, just enjoyable so it has been great to feel constantly challenged in each class but only for a short amount of time. Have met some really lovely people. Third term just about to start and I am ready mentally, if not totally physically – that will soon improve! If you are reading this and still sitting on the fence – JUST DO IT!’

The point is, The Body Project is for everyone. You might be new to fitness, love fitness or just want to try something different - Everyone is welcome! As well as seeing all of you benefit so very much I feel as though I have changed too so a massive THANK YOU for that.

Keep smiling everyone and keep being the stars that you all are!

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